The seasons of Segan’s rotate in an

Exciting Array of Colors

The first offerings are spring bulbs and pansies. May comes in with its annuals, proven winners, and simply beautiful flowers spanning the spectrum of color, not to mention the perennials, vegetables and herbs growing in the sun.

Autumn and the vibrant crisp colors of mums and pumpkins greet you.

Christmastime our greenhouses fill with spectacular poinsettias, handmade wreaths, roping, and arrangements. We have so much to offer. Wreaths from 18″ to 6′. Order ahead or come in and see what we have created in hopes that you would stop by the shop. We make arrangements for the table or mantle. In memory of your loved ones we make pots, logs, blankets, and toppers.

Visit Our Greenhouse

Segan’s Bloomin’ Haus is located at 339 Grange Rd. Allentown, PA 18106. Check out our hours to find out what time would be best for you to come and visit our greenhouse. Cant wait to see you!

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